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Broadcast Consultation

(Appx. 30-45 minutes)

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During our initial consultation, our team will walk you through the entire production process, as well as learn more about your goals and vision for the project. During this meeting, we will recommend any equipment needed, as well as gather all your graphics, logos, video and music assets through an easy file-sharing.

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Location Scout

(Appx. 1-2 Hours)

Capturing Photos

During this remote location scout, we will focus specifically on designing your broadcast. Our location scouts are run over FaceTime (or, if you do not have an iPhone we have other options). Here, we can walk through all the possible setups your location provides. Once we have designated the right location, we will advise you on equipment placement and any backdrop or set design needs. Lastly, we will access your WiFi router at this point and run a diagnostic bandwidth test.




Run of Show

(Appx. 2 Hours)

During the run of show, you will be seeing all the visuals come together for the first time. It will also give you a chance to see yourself on camera, along with any graphics, video clips and music cues needed for your presentation. This is not so much an official rehearsal but a prep for the rehearsal. (A meeting of the minds!) The run of show gives us a chance to collect your feedback and start integrating it into the broadcast, making any adjustments needed along the way.



Pre-Show Rehearsal

(Appx 30 minutes – 1 hour)



Live Broadcast



Post - Show Wrap - Up



Future Shows

It only gets easier from here! Now that we’ve made it through the first broadcast, all our future rehearsals and technical checks will be smooth and quick. As we continue to collaborate with you on your vision for future shows, you will experience a more seamless and streamlined production process. Our focus now will be on the content and delivering a better show for you and your audience each and every week.  

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Show Room
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During the rehearsal (which will occur on the same day of the broadcast) we will be testing all the technical elements of your show, including all audio, graphics, video and music cues before getting into the final rehearsal. Once everything is technically sound, we get to the fun part: your performance rehearsal! (Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds!) Our director will work with you on any final script touch ups and general feedback before we go live.

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Violin Player

It’s Showtime! At this point, all of the technical and performance preparation we have been working on is ready to come to fruition. While we will control the broadcast remotely, you deliver visionary content to your audience. It's as simple as that!

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The broadcast is over but there are still a couple more steps before we’re finished. After the show, we will transfer high quality deliverables of your recorded show for archiving purposes or future use (it’s yours to keep). We will also do a brief wrap-up call to discuss how the show went and collect any feedback and new ideas for future broadcasts.

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It's Time For You To Go Live!

How It Works

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