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Get the most out of your virtual event or conference by letting us run the live stream for you (remotely!)

You want the highest quality show possible, using the best equipment and without getting a headache over it. With LiveStream Remote, we can manage your livestream from wherever you are in the world. We will build a rig for you, ship it to your location, help you navigate the setup and then oversee a professionally produced live broadcast directly from our studio. We use television broadcasting principles as our gold standard. Our process starts at the drawing board with your vision for the project and ends with a fully realized livestream production that you can be proud of. 


Our team of live streaming experts aren't just here for your technical needs. Virtual events start with a robust creative development process where we customize your virtual event and keep you in the driver's seat every step of the way. From script-writing and graphic design, guest booking/management and marketing strategy to brand awareness, we work hand-in-hand with you to build out your event from the ground up. In doing so, our goal isn't only to reach the widest audience possible but to develop high quality and engaging content that will leave a lasting impact.

What Do You Get?

Our production management and equipment packages are plug-and-play:

No expertise needed! Once you receive your box, we will walk you through setting up the equipment step by step until you are ready to go live.

  • HD Cameras w/Tripod

  • Professional Microphone

  • Auxiliary Input

  • Remote Box

  • Accessories

  • Set-up Consultation

  • Show Rehearsal

  • Live Stream Management

  • Stream To All Platforms

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Broadcast Consultation

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Tell us your story and your vision for the project you want to create. Let’s work together to give your audience something amazing.

Production Management

Let’s face it: every production has its challenges, especially when it comes to live streaming. Our team will guide you through every step of pre-production all the way up to your broadcast. Through our integrated, off-site production capabilities, we fully manage your show remotely from our studio, allowing you to focus completely on your content and performance.

Professional Equipment

There is no need to jeopardize your broadcast’s quality due to a lack of equipment. With LiveStream Remote, your content can look just as good as any film or television show. We will mail you the equipment you’re missing and guide you through every step of the setup process.

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Our Company Knows Your Pain!
Common Live Streaming Challenges

Canceled Live Events


When your live event gets canceled, the rush to move to streaming can be daunting. We are here to help in a pinch to get your event rescheduled and up and running quickly so you can keep your audience engaged.


Single Platform Streams


There are several key streaming platforms in the marketplace right now, but it can be difficult running a multiple-platform live stream without tech support. We have the capability to syndicate your live stream simultaneously to as many social media platforms and audience viewing destinations as you want. 

Inability to Record for Archiving Purposes


We record every stream we do and provide you with high-quality deliverables directly after your broadcast. From there, you can reuse the content anywhere and any way you want. It's yours to keep. 

Service Interruptions


Live Streaming service interruptions are common, but they are also avoidable with the right amount of backend support. During pre-production, we will run a diagnostic test of your wi-fi speeds to make sure we can address any potential hiccups before they arise. During your broadcast, our team is constantly monitoring everything to ensure no interruptions occur. 

Audio/Video Dropouts, Lag, Poor Video Quality 


Similar to common live stream service interruptions, our team is working behind the scenes during your broadcast to ensure your audio and visual is of the highest quality, too. Whether it's a minor echo, temporary lag/unsynced audio, or a brief drop in video clarity, we can diagnose and fix the problem in real-time to ensure an uninterrupted broadcast.


Remote Guests


Oftentimes, your live stream will include a guest who may not be in the same location as your broadcast. We've got them covered too. We will work with your guests to make sure they have the tools and support they need to join your broadcast seamlessly and without interruption to the flow of your show.

Graphics Cues


Our talented graphic artists can design any type, copy, or lower thirds you might need presented during your broadcast. If you have sponsors, we can make sure their logos are included in the live stream as well, per your direction. 

Music and Video Cues


When playing music or video inside a Livestream, there can oftentimes be a drop in quality with potential lag or playback issues. Our team will perfect these music and video cues during the rehearsal process to make sure the content you want to be included in your broadcast plays without a hitch.

Audience Interaction


Whether it's a Q&A you have planned or any other type of audience participation, we can provide you with the tools to engage with your audience and create an immersive live stream experience for everyone watching. 



Whether your live stream is a one-time event or something your business plans to continue building upon, we are here to help you with all your branding needs for future broadcasts. 

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Take Your Show or Conference to the Next Level
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So Easy

“Our show is so much better than when we were doing it ourselves. I learned streaming is more than clicking a button.״ 

Russ M.

Umpqua Feather

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It's Alive

“My show was a dream in my head, and now working with LiveStream Remote, OMG, it's now Alive!״ 

Mike M.

Mystery Theater Show

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The Future

“When I first talked to Stephen and he told me about LiveStream Remote it just clicked and I said, Steve, get me the future!״ 

Jaz R.

Zumbini Instructor

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