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LiveStream Remote Controls Your Stream

So You Can Reach a Wider Audience

and Tell Your Story

Get the most out of your broadcasted show, conference or special event by letting us run the live stream for you (remotely!)

You want the highest quality show possible, using the best equipment and without getting a headache over it. With LiveStream Remote, we can manage your show remotely from wherever you are in the world. We will build a rig for you, ship it to your location, help you navigate the setup and then oversee a professionally produced live broadcast from our studio. We use TV/Film broadcasting as our gold standard and we can deliver this level of quality without needing the studio, on-set crew or production team that is typically needed.

Our production management and equipment is plug and play: no expertise needed! Once you receive your box, we will walk you through setting up the equipment step by step until you are ready to go live.

  • HD Cameras w/Tripod

  • Professional Microphone

  • Auxiliary Input

  • Remote Box

  • Accessories

  • Set-up Consultation

  • Show Rehearsal

  • Live Stream Management

  • Stream To All Platforms

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Tell us your story and your vision for the project you want to create. Let’s work together to give your audience something amazing.

Let’s face it: every production has its challenges, especially when it comes to live streaming. Our team will guide you through every step of pre-production all the way up to your broadcast. Through our integrated, off-site production capabilities, we fully manage your show remotely from our studio, allowing you to focus completely on your content and performance.

There is no need to jeopardize your broadcast’s quality due to a lack of equipment. With LiveStream Remote, your content can look just as good as any film or television show. We will mail you the equipment you’re missing and guide you through every step of the setup process.

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